Saturday, November 7, 2009

M Linden is an Artist?!

I made it over to Dusan Writer's sophisticated uber-intellectual (that is a compliment) blog to read his reaction to Tateru Nino's exclusive interview with Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon (a.k.a M Linden) brought to you by Massively.

Both; the Massively interview, and Dusan's followup are not to be missed. Both are interesting, intriguing reads.

As Dusan points out: "...a wide-ranging interview with Tateru at Massively, which is not only a must-read but perhaps one of the best interviews I’ve ever read with someone from the Lab..."

I completely agree.  It is probably the best interview Linden Lab has given to date.

I will sum it all up in two words:  long tail.

But I digress.

I'm not here to comment, nor am I here to comment on Dusan's follow-up, nor am I here to follow-up on the follow up.  I'm here to bring attention to this wonderful juicy nugget:

M Linden is a brilliant artist!

Brought to my attention by wizard gynoid in Dusan Writer's comments.

Here are a few M Linden pieces (no infringement is intended):

 by M Linden

 by M Linden

 by M Linden

M Linden's artwork is cerebral, abstract, energetic, symmetrically cluttered... much like Second Life.  His artwork sheds some light into what it must be like inside the brain of someone running a 20 million user metaverse.

Mark has over 700 pieces uploaded to his Flickr stream.  I urge and encourage you to check out his stuff.

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Wizzy Gynoid said...

I think Mark's artwork is good. More importantly we have to wonder why he posted it. I think it's a significant gesture, to show that he has some understanding of what we SL artists are doing here. And I know he has good taste, because he had a few of my pieces up at his Linden Land office. ;-)