Monday, November 2, 2009

Poll of the Day: If You Suddenly Lost All of your Second Life creations, would you Start Over or Quit?

Lets say you woke up one day, logged into Second Life, and discovered everything you had built and created was suddenly erased... gone... wiped out of existence...  It's a disturbing thought, yet it's happened to quite a few Second Life long time residents.

If all of your creations, your wares, your shop, your inventory was GONE, what would you do?
Would you start from scratch and rebuild or would you throw your hands up in disgust and quit?

Another question I would like to pose is this:   Having all of your original content (intellectual property) copied and stolen; is this the same as completely losing your content entirely?   If you discovered all of your content was ripped off, would you quit Second Life?   Feel free to leave your thoughts and responses in comments.


ELQ said...

Actually, the poll isn't quite complete. My content is backed up, so while I would be ticked off, I wouldn't need to begin again, either.

Talia Tokugawa said...

Same, as a script/sculpter most my content is stored offline.
Even if that weren't the case I would see it as an opportunity. I have had to wipe my computers totally quite a few times.. and although I have stuff backed up I only put backups back on them when I can't live without what I lost and I don't think that recreating it would generate something better.
You never lose "Everything" unless at the same time you suffered amnesia and managed to forget the skills you picked up making the content you lost.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm not a content creator, it wouldn't be a matter of rebuilding a business. What keeps me in SL is people, not virtual objects. While I'd be outraged (and would no doubt rebuild my inventory with considerably more care), the most important part of my experience of SL would be unchanged.

hynesyte said...

all that clutter in inventory gone...GR8!