Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Positive Reviews of the new Tune Multiple Worlds are Flying in!!

Recently Slim Girl Fat (Slim Warrior inSL) and Brad Reason (Doubledown Tandino inSL) released a collaboration track entitled "Multiple Worlds."  The track has receive a phenomenal warm response filled with comments and praise.

"I like the keys at the top, they lend to a certain mystery that the track creates. I like how the song develops and keeps me interested. Good melodies, good loops, good sounds, good mix. Well done."

"I like the use of the synthesizer, I think this brings a unique qualtiy to the track. Additionally, the rhythm used is very choppy and bouncy and works to enhance the track by giving it an intricate extra layer. As a dance track I feel that this builds up gradually and works really well."

"Quite cool intro the music was very pretty with the musical instruments played very perfectly. The drum beat was good also."

"This is quite nice and relaxing- very ambient. It is a well arranged piece of music, and it sounds like a complete track."

"great song. Nice and chilled, making the perfect background music. Buildups and general structure are well done. Seriously reminds of beaches, summer and good times. Love it."

....There were over 60 comments and reviews on the tune received within just 48 hours of releasing the song!!  Thank you to everyone who has offered the support, feedback, and responses.
       -Doubledown & Slimmie

PS:  Music Video coming soon!!!  Details will be announced soon.

"Multiple Worlds"
- A New Collaboration Song by Slim Girl Fat and Brad Reason

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