Monday, April 6, 2009

A Bridge between Worlds: Metaplace and Second Life

I have been following along with the news about Metaplace, a new virtual world currently in between beta and alpha phases. For me, my time is too invested in Second Life to delve into another virtual world, but if I were to try another, I would check out Metaplace. It's not quite my style, and not what I am personally looking for in a virtual world, however, I can tell that many people are going to love it's style and "gameplay" (for lack of a better word). It has a combination of Populus, Plurk's karma, and even a little bit of IMVU and Yoville. It really does feel like a fun world. What is intriguing is that Metaplace also has the potential to have an inworld economy and other elements that only Second Life (and open grids) currently offers.


Post and Picture below by DIP's Dispatches from the Imagination Age blog.

A Bridge between Worlds: Metaplace and Second Life

In a fascinating discovery tonight, I learned that Second Life builder Miki Gymnast who is known in Metaplace simply as "Miki," has built a dialog tool for her world in Metaplace that allows a person to send instant messages from Miki's Metaplace world to a user in Second Life. In the image above, Eureka Dejavu (DIP's Rita J. King) sends me an IM.

Connectivity between virtual worlds is an ongoing issue. And a critically important one as people find their lives, both virtual and physical, to be increasingly distributed.


UPDATE: Wagner James Au at New World Notes goes into a much more in-depth look including technical detail about the new innovations.

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