Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MUSIC NOT POLITICS, Money Island and Trax Music Resource Center present MUSIC AWARENESS 2009


MUSIC NOT POLITICS, Money Island and Trax Music Resource Center present

Music Awareness 2009 takes flight this Friday, April 10th as Washington, DC rocker Kevin M. Thomas (http://kevinsl.com) kicks off 100 hours of live music concerts set in the virtual platform known as Second Life. If you are not a resident of Second Life you can still catch all or portions of this historical event via streaming technology. Butterflies Radio will simulcast the entire 100 hours at http://butterfliesradio.com . You can listen live from the MUSIC NOT POLITICS website at http://musicnotpolitics.com . BZoO Radio will be simulcasting portions of the event at http://bzoo.org and you can listen directly in to the stream at http://TheStreamteam2.serverroom.us:8894

Although the initial intent for Music Awareness is to help reach new audiences within the world of Second Life it is also meant to bring the music community together and begin building bonds between musicians, ultimately strengthening the community. Additionally with the streaming technology, it is hoped this year’s Music Awareness event will reach well beyond Second Life and into the real world where fans can see they have a choice and musicians can see that there is a platform for exposure for them.

The traditional music industry has long held control over what artists get air play and what do not. We believe every musician has a right to be heard and that fans do have a choice. During Music Awareness we try to bring this all together in a party that continues to ring in everyone’s ears long after the event is over.

There are over 90 musicians coming together for this event, all performing from their home studios via streaming technology and coming directly to you. If you are in second life, the musicians are fully interactive with the fans that are represented by virtual avatars. Efforts are underway to ensure that all residents of Second Life can enjoy the event. If the Money Island sims are full there are several venues available for audio simulcast. The entire 100 hour event will be simulcast at Z’s Music Club http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mahteria%20I/221/36/404 . Additionally, other venues will be simulcasting portions of the event including but not limited to: Bay Vista, Cuddler’s Cove, Blueberry Hill, Sicily, and Anthology. If you are not in Second Life you can still tune in and support indie music and your right to choose.

For more information, check out an interview about Music Awareness at http://slcn.tv/programs/tonight-live
Check out articles about Music Awareness at http://thinkerer.org/Studios/StuBLISatwild.htm and at the SL Enquirer http://www.slenquirer.com/ (click on the music tab)

Wheelerwood Films has created an awesome promo video you can check out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5kmnojv6B4 to see some footage from last years Music Awareness event you can search Music Awareness at http://youtube.com

Updates for the event can be found at http://musicnotpolitics.com

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