Friday, April 3, 2009

Music Awareness 2009 in Second Life - April 10-12, 2009

WELCOME TO MUSIC AWARENESS 2009 - Bringing Music To The Masses
April 10-12, 2009

This coming Easter Weekend (April 10-12), 2009, MUSIC NOT POLITICS with the assistance of Money Island and Trax Music Resource Center are pleased to present MUSIC AWARENESS 2009. This event is expected to run longer than 48 hours as the response already has been tremendous (already over 48 hours). THIS EVENT IS BEING EXTENDED FOR AS LONG AS WE CAN KEEP IT NON STOP. THE INITIAL 48 HOURS ARE FULL!!!!!!!! The event will be promoted in and out of SL. Money Island will have a special area set up where musicians and venues will be welcome to have a box of free promotional materials.

FANS: If you want to volunteer to help at the event please contact Moksha Nightfire or Roxiiie Kamachi via NOTECARD.

This event will be staffed by MUSIC NOT POLITICS staff and volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help with the event please contact Moksha Nightfire - if she is not online please send her a NOTECARD as her IM's get capped.


Current Performer Lineup (updated April 3rd, 2009)

Make sure to go HERE for the most current updated lineup and info.


6pm Kevin M Thomas

7pm Dallas Horsefly

8pm Onehempcat Oldrich

9pm Jaggpro McCann

10pm Peregrine Singh

11pm Rosedrop Rust


12am Gregg Huet

1am Tpenta Vanalten

2am EddieGuitar Dagger

3am Dewran Wopat

4am Shoe Spitteler

5am Mike00 Carnell

6am Naphtali Hawks

7am Bones Writer

8am The Professor

9am Mikelec Criss

10am Doubledown Tandino

11am Russell Eponym

12pm Anu Papp

1pm Kim Seifert

2pm Anek Fuchs

2:30pm MMFKMT

3pm Rosedrop Rust

4pm Mykal Skall

5pm Ictus Belford

6pm SRV4U Conacher

7pm Dominick Manatiso

8pm Keiko

9pm Jaggpro McCann

10pm Buck Sideshow

11pm Blue4U Nowicka



1am Ichie Kamachi

2am Mel Cheeky

3am Newbawn Easterman

4am Mash Rhode

5am Cedric Lowell


7am Russell Eponym

8am AldoManutio Abruzzo

9am Zachariah Loon

10am Joaquin Gustav

11am Sioux Nikolaidis

12pm Friendly Fire

1pm Jonas Lunasea

2pm Allister Westland

3pm Edward Kyomoon

4pm Anek Fuchs

5pm Clairede Dirval

6pm Edward Lowell

7pm Nick99 Razor

8pm Janor Slichter

9pm Hayduke Schnook

10pm Dougie Moonites

11pm Ichie Kamachi

12am Phiona Ember


1am Krell Karu

2am Mel Cheeky


4am Leighlee Trafalgar



7am Picker Apogee

8am Phemie Alcott

9am Tauri Tigerpaw

10am Jaypee Platthy

11am Sphere Quan

12pm JaNa KYoMooN

1pm Djai Skjellrup

2pm Yip Jannings

3pm MadMax huet

4pm Garth Gothly

5pm Jerico Jaxxon

6pm Bill and Pam Havercamp

7pm Iggy Kings

8pm Moshang Zhao

9pm Ande Foggarty

10pm Vladamir Lamont

11pm Strum Deisel





3am OhMy Kidd

4am Leighlee Trafalgar



7am Shelindrea Ireland

8am Lou Mannock

9am Erin68 Frog & Satin Galli

10am Rich Desoto

11am Steely DeCosta

12pm Onlyhalfcrazy Gumbo

1pm Angee Seetan

2pm Artel Brando

3pm CTM Underwood

4pm Melodee McDonnell

5pm Matthew Perreault

6pm Arman Finesmith

7pm This Device

8pm Squidfisher McMillan

9pm PickerJohn Haystack

10pm Strummer Vultee

11pm Jubal Enyo

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