Saturday, April 4, 2009

Planet's Best DJ Contest - Update: Violator Management Signs On For "Planet's Best DJ"

As mentioned before,
the Planet's Best DJ contest
has begun.

UPDATE: Group within the Planet's Best DJ Contest site for DJs, friends, and fans in Second Life:

Violator Management Signs On For "Planet's Best DJ"
(via Virtual World News)

Violator Management is set to announce its role in "Planet's Best DJ," the upcoming reality show/contest with a virtual world hook. Kool DJ Red Alert, New York-based DJ credited with helping break some of hip hop's biggest acts, will be the central figure in the upcoming contest. With auditions already starting, DJ Red Alert will help pick semifinalists from the show's website before sending them on to compete live. The final show will feature 12 contestants competing in cities around the world with a panel of celebrity judges led by DJ Red Alert.

To keep everyone connected, the hub of the show will be a virtual world where all participants, including DJ Red Alert, are contractually obligated to spend time. Liminati, the studio behind "Planet's Best," told me they haven't selected a partner world yet, though. The deal to bring in Kool DJ Red Alert is in the seven-figure range.



If you think you have what it takes - join the party. Upload a 3 minute video of yourself and get in the mix to see if YOU will be one of the 100 chosen from this site to head to the semi-finals in July. JOIN TODAY! Winner of the Planet's Best DJ Competition gets $250,000 CASH and a one year management contract. More information here.

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