Thursday, April 16, 2009

Inworld Crowd Recession? (Part 2) - A Round-Up of Insightful Thoughts and Brainstorms

UPDATE 4.21 : 4pm(slt)
:: Continuing with the conversation "Is there a current Music-Crowd Recession in Second Life?", The blog received some amazing insightful comments HERE.

Here are relevant links to add to the conversation:

Thanks Paisley Beebe:

- The SL Music Biz, Why isn't it Doing Better?
- Music as a business in Second Life :
- An Interview with Paisley Beebe :

Thanks Morris Vig:
- Music Crowds in SL, What to do about it :
- The Best Second Life Arts Event Ever :
- Vig’s Unified Theory of Second Life :
- The importance of a quality social experience in SL :

Thanks Bettina Tizzy:
- SL is Killing Me :

Thanks Crap Mariner:
- I Feel Like Butter that has been Spread over too Much Bread :
- Cheap Venue Owners
- Every event should be a spectacle
- 100 via Ustream
- Trash Talkin Tukso
--more contributions from Crap can be found:

Thanks Nexeus Fatale:
- Crowd Recession? Reasons why Crowds aren't Returning to Events
- What's Missing from Second Life Events

Thanks ArmistasX Saiman:
- Falling Revenues Explained

Thanks Homeless Martian:
- Is there current a music crowd recession ?
- Part 2 (The Ego)
- Part 3 (The Experience)

Via GigaOM

Thanks Hamlet Au:
Why is Live Music in Second Life Suffering a Downturn:
For Second Life Entrepeneur, Revenue Declines As US Unemployment Rate Increases
For SecoNew World Newsfeed: Second Life's Growth Plateau Ends
Second Life Musicians Losing Their Audiences Should Take A Tip (Or Two) From Ousama

Thanks Brthaue:
What's Wrong with the Music Biz in SL!

... and from the Official Linden Lab/Second Life blog:
The Second Life Economy - First Quarter 2009 in Detail
(as you'll notice, Linden Lab seems to be the only ones with an entirely different conclusion than most everyone above.)

Please let me know if you have written a post about your perceptions on the current state of crowd attendance at SL events. Add your link in the comments, and I'll update this post.


Mister Crap said...

I've had a lot of music-related screeds, not all about the fade, some may be a bit old, but each I think here has more wise than stupid (for once):
slcc 2007 thoughts
Cheap Venue Owners
Every event should be a spectacle
No stream, No tip?
Thoughts on snapshots
100 via Ustream
Trash Talkin Tukso

100 and TTT are must-reads on community and going beyond just a gig on SL.


HatHead said...

I have tried to wade through as much of these posts and comments as I could but was unable to see a more detailed discussion about the audience demographics - how many names are still active on the big SL groups anyway? Is the growth in SL in other languages? What is the general churn rate of the SL audience? What is the average life of a typical SL music fan? - this kind of thing. A basic understanding of the audience - prior to considerations around formats of presentation and mechanics of notification - is a fundamental marketing principle (although only LL really has access to the data necessary for a proper study, forcing the rest of us to speculate).

Also, perhaps practically and politically impossible, it would be great to consolidate the various SL inworld groups into a one single group. It would cut down on duplicate/overlapping announcements (of which I am also guilty of sending).

Lastly, don't know what's wrong with my fellow musicians' crowds - mine are still as small as before!