Monday, April 20, 2009

Digital Marketing Speaker Series in Second Life

Digital Marketing Series in Second Life
via Joanna Scott's blog

This Wednesday, 22nd April, sees the first in a new series of live speaker events in Second Life. Organized in association with our colleagues at Palgrave Macmillan, Macmillan’s academic arm, we will feature a range of speakers all themed around the broad topic of Digital Marketing.

First up, Alycia de Mesa, the author of the new book Brand Avatar, will be speaking about virtual marketing and branding. Alycia will discuss what real life brand strategies to keep in mind when branding in-world as well as the burgeoning field of virtual branding.

We will be giving out a free sample chapter of the book to everyone who attends the event, and the book will be available to buy at a special 20% discount.

This is a departure from our previously purely scientific activities, specifically to introduce other parts of the Macmillan group to how great SL is, but I hope it will be very relevant to people in all genres, from multinationals to individuals.

All very welcome to attend: any questions, or if you would like to come but need some help getting started with Second Life, by all means email me at or find me in SL as Joanna Wombat.

Title: Brand Avatar
Speaker: Alycia de Mesa
Date: Wednesday 22nd April
Time: 6pm BST / 10am PST/SLT
Venue: Khufu Conference Centre


Doubledown Note: If you would like to see "Avatar Branding" in all of it's shining glory, check out Torley... and all that is Torley Lives. He's a walking, talking image of a branded avatar success story, and also he's a person, a Linden, and a very cool dude doing some amazing things in the world.

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