Sunday, April 5, 2009

Twilight's Peace Gallery Art Show - Sunday April 5th, 2009 - 7pm (slt)

Twilight's Peace Gallery & Cultural Center in Second Life

Exhibition Reception: Sunday April 5th, 2009 - 7pm (slt) with five artists on display and Doubledown Tandino on the tunes.

Current Artists @ Twilight's Peace Gallery & Cultural Center:
Nicolasa Bonetto, Winter Nightfire, Pop Handrick, Ragamuffin Kips, & Tricia Aferdita

Nicolasa Bonetto: a painter and sculptor, whether in Second Life or the real world, artful expression can be achieved in every conceivable medium. Her latest passion is abstracts on linen, sewn professionally into skirts for California, USA fashion boutiques. Nicolasa invites you to enjoy the ready-for-framing images on display. Beside each abstract piece is an ensemble containing a skirt and color-coordinated halter top - truly wearable art for your SL enjoyment. The garments can be modified, so have fun experimenting from floor length to mini skirt, side or back slits, tight or rounded. These linen creations are for real. If the designs entice you on SL, why not visit Nicolasa’a blog:

Winter Nightfire: a self-taught painter from San Francisco, California. Her exposure to Abstract Expressionism began at age 16 in the North Beach neighborhood at Caffe Trieste, where she befriended her mentors, the noted Beat artists Jack Hirschman and George Long. She displayed her first painting at a group show with her mentors in 2001 at age 24, and has been showing solo at venues across San Francisco ever since. These are digital works by Nightfire, inspired by the mission of Twilight's Peace. Colorful images of doves, olive branches and the lotus flower feel to Nightfire as though they each whisper the prayer, "Uplift." It is Nightfire's hope that these works will do just that for all who view them.

Pop Handrick: liker of big hats and cheese and apple pie and writing and making stuff people call art and making people happy, laughing, loving... He likes naked people too and lovely thick paint, candle light, colour, his camera, if it's well behaved, music (from classical to funk), life, kindness, helping people. He is a college student in Wales, He is often busy with school and creating. He does a mixture of oil painting, ink and brush, drawing, photography, calligraphy, and digital, AND combines them all.

Ragamuffin Kips: To me art is a very physical act. I use mainly chalk pastels to create my drawings because they're easily manipulated with my hands, and heavy stock paper because it stands up well to the abuse I tend to give it....The finished work is secondary to the energy that creates it. The true art, its expression, is always in doing for me. My current work continues on themes of organic form. My hands follow memories of the surfaces of petals and leaves, the bodies of lovers, the cool hardness of smooth river rocks and a hundred different moments of my life. Stepping back from it as viewer, I'm often surprised by some of the imagery it conjures. These images appear, to me as viewer, deeply personal but also universally human.

Tricia Aferdita (aka Tricia Griffith) has been drawing since she was 5 years old, drawing stick horses on any surface she could find. She did eventually graduate from stick figures, majoring in Art and Theater in High School, and receiving an Associates Degree in Advertising & Commercial Art. Featured at this show is a selection of her visionary and impressionism inspired acrylic paintings, the original paintings are 16x20 stretched canvas. They play with subtle textures and light, painted with energy and inspiration. Inspired by a friend's work in egg tempera painting, Tricia picked up the medium for the first time this year, and her first paintings are included in the exhibit. Egg tempera is an ancient medium, using ground earth pigments mixed with egg yolk as a binder, it has a durable and luminous finish that are quite unique. If you like what you see, more of Tricia's drawings, paintings and photography can be found at

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