Monday, April 20, 2009

ProCaster - One-click live video streaming, powered by Mogulus

ProCaster One-click live streaming, powered by Mogulus

ProCaster is a new FREE desktop application that will dramatically and automatically boost your broadcasts to the absolute highest quality possible. It's also the simplest broadcasting application available, despite offering some great new features we think youʼre going to love. If you currently broadcast using the Mogulus Studio or Flash Media Encoder you really should check it out. ProCaster is fully integrated with Mogulus, including moderated control over your chat, Twitter, and 3D Effects that will turn any live presentation into an instant "Steve Jobs" keynote.

Learn more and download ProCaster for free today at
Key Features

- Easiest to Use
This is the simplest broadcasting software to use, anywhere. With a single click you can be live on your channel!

- Highest Quality
Encode your broadcasts in the absolute highest quality possible, with automatic frame rate adjustment based on your connection speed. You'll see better results than Flash Media Encoder or any browser-based Flash application.

- Chat & Twitter Integration
Tweet to let everyone know you're live, and manage your channel's chat, all from right within the ProCaster application.

- Broadcast Anything
If you can see it, you can stream it. Cameras, Webcams, 3D games, Websites, PowerPoint, desktops... anything! All at full frame-rate.

- 2D & 3D Effects
Use picture-in-picture and real-time 3D layouts to combine your camera with your screen or game for incredible creative possibilities. Create your own "Steve Jobs" keynote presentation with the click of a button.

- Solid Desktop App
Get away from browser performance limitations and unleash the full power of your computer's processor.

If you want to do simple one-camera live broadcasting from your desktop, all you need is ProCaster (you can bypass the Mogulus Studio altogether). If you're already using FME, you'll enjoy the added simplicity and quality that ProCaster offers.. and the 3D Effects will blow you (and your audience) away!

ProCaster works in Windows, with a Mac version coming soon. It seamlessly supports both Mogulus Free and Mogulus Pro channels, and best of all, it's completely FREE!

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For Mac users comming soon :( DD kick the developpers on the ass and say they have to hurry