Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Liquid Electric | Eureka - The SL Travel Blog

Liquid Electric
Posted by Blue Linden on Eureka - The SL Travel Blog (official LL community blog)

During a recent office hour, a number of fine folks joined me on an excursion to a Region that gets much deserved praise, but that most of us had only seen in pictures. And I must insist... although they give you a taste of the neon adventure that awaits, pictures do little justice to Spiral Walcher's work.

You start your voyage in a realistic environment and perpetual darkness, I suspect as contrast to what comes next. Following the glowing footsteps leads you to the start of your magical journey (or a souvenir shop depending on which way you go) where it's down the acid-trippy rabbit hole you go! Briefly separated as we plunge one at a time through the electric entryway, we arrive at the start of what turns out to be a familiar preface - the traditional amusement park lineup where you wait for the next car to arrive. Or in this case, the next teacup.

While waiting for our whole crew's descent, a couple rushes by us like excited kids who just finished their first go and are running back to the start for a second, while a more reserved couple stands by, hesitant about which might be the appropriate vehicle...are they simply Friends or is a Couples teacup more appropriate? Leaving the two to giggle and flirt a bit, and hoping they make the right decision, we split up by fours and cup by cup are immersed in the Glow!

GLOW, a feature enabled in Second Life specifically by your GPU, really powers the wow factor in the Tunnel of Light. It's a fun ride regardless, but having Glow turns this digital landscape into a neon nirvana. So be sure you've enabled Shaders to really get the most out of the experience.


Here is a Torley Tutorial on Graphic Settings:

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