Thursday, April 2, 2009

Global DJ Contest - Your 3 Minute Mix could land you $250,000 and a Contract

So you want to be the Planet's Best DJ?

If you think you have what it takes - join the party. Upload a 3 minute video of yourself and get in the mix to see if YOU will be one of the 100 chosen from this site to head to the semi-finals in July. JOIN TODAY!

Spin to win - winner of the Planet's Best DJ Competition gets $250,000 CASH and a one year management contract. More information here.

ALSO: Note that there is a virtual host contest too!



Evanston, IL – 03/24/2009 – LIMINATI PRODUCTIONS announces the “beta” release of the web constituent of an upcoming cross-platform multi-media Reality TV Contest, at The full project is being unveiled in New York City on Friday, April 3rd, with announcements of participating organizational partners, and featured celebrities.

Building on the global popularity of DJ culture, the program will seek to find “The Planet’s Best DJ”, with “spin-offs” happening across the U.S. and in countries around the globe. The contest will feature a wide range of styles, from Hip-Hop to Techno/Trance, House/Electro to Reggae, Salsa to Swing, reflecting the international aspects of the DJ movement. The contestants will have to be able to keep the party rolling in any of these styles, or get voted off … leaving one DJ spinning with a major management contract and a $250,000.00 prize.

This ground-breaking entertainment vehicle will be starting on the web with a social network site where participants, contestants, hosts, and fans will post their audition tapes, and be voted on by early participants. The sooner each contestant begins building their fan base, the stronger they’ll be in the early phases, giving them the best chance for “making the cut” for the finalist pool for this fall’s TV filming schedule.

As the contest progresses, events will be held in a Virtual World environment that will allow fans to visit with top industry celebrities, attend exclusive concerts, and have their avatars dance to live and taped events in virtual clubs. All participants in the Reality TV project will be contractually obligated to spend a certain amount of time “in-world” every week, so viewers will never know who they’ll run into or what unique content they might encounter when in the Metaverse development.

Free sign-ups are available now at the newly released site,, and contestants, host candidates, dancers, and general fan-base viewers are all welcome to come by and get registered.

Liminati, Inc., is the parent company of Liminati Productions, which is the producer of the “Planet’s Best DJ” show and contest.

Brought to my attention by Bibi Ballanger, and blogged by Looker Lumet. Thanks Looker & Bibi!

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