Friday, April 17, 2009

The Second Life Resident Choice Awards are in - Was the contest gamed by Dance Island?

The Second Life Resident Choice Awards winners are in! Congratulations to the winners.

Congratulations especially to New World Notes for BEST NEWS SOURCE
and Favorite place for BUSINESS COLLEAGUES: Metanomics

Contests like these, you can never tell who votes, or how many votes they submit.
Dance Island is usually listed as one of the top "dj dance clubs" based on traffic, however common consensus inworld is that the numbers are fake. It is a facade of an actual club. Although some of the DJs are real, Dance Island is notorious for employing bots, using alt accounts, endless repeatitave spam in event search, suckering in newbs, and on and on.

Roxette Mabellon, owner of Dance Island, comes up winner of three categories.
Favorite place for LIVE MUSIC: Dance Island
Favorite place to DANCE: Dance Island
Favorite DJ: Roxette Mabellon

I am putting it right out there. I am saying that she rigged the contest and gamed it so she would win in those 3 categories.

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P. Miller said...

Dance Island as best place for "LIVE Music" is a joke, like it's a joke that a totally unskilled DJ who "produces" Bootlegs (Mixing up 2 or more tracks into 1) won a DJ Award, just because with the Bots, alt accounts and so on it was absolutely clear, that this place and it's teenaged owner would win.

Go check her out when she "spins" the music "live". In the dancemusic community, bootlegs are welcome, but everyone with a program like Ableton can do that within 30 minutes or less, we just don't bother.

The next thing is, that Dance Island has a large number of DJ's that are totally crap, even the "Dance Islands Next Top DJ" is a ridiculous fail. "DJ's" get elected that can't mix, like the owner can't either. And to be honest...

Face the facts : Dance Island has more then 25.000 Members, Newbies and stuff, and only 6.000 Voted ? from all over SL ?

Even the fangroup of this so called DJ Roxette has an extreme high number of people in, who have no taste in music, but that's my opinion.

That means that barely 1/5 of the strength of the Dance Island VIP Group voted. Too funny. So who cares about them ?

Check Out Doubledown Tandino, Miss Cyberpink, Chipps Hartono, Angi Fargis, Eris Alexandre and so many more who are skilled and provided the SL community with a very nice taste of Electronic Dance Music, not to forget the DJ's that play R'n'B, HipHop, Rap, Rock and so on.

But a kiddie with some connections, bots and an incredible amount of alternative avatars, who won an award were laughable 6.000 people participated in is a joke, nothing more. LL should have made it more public and with the funds they have, they could easiely get judges who can tell in each category what's the non plus ultra and not who has the most amount of people (if fake or not) behind them.

It's the same way like with the best-for-contests in SL. You have a large large friendslist ? Get them there to vote for you and you'll always win, doesn't matter if you really look good or if you are skilled.

Think about it :)