Sunday, April 5, 2009

ROLE Magazine April 2009 Issue of Out Now

ROLE Magazine is pleased to announce the publication of our April, 2009 issue. This month’s cover story addresses the announcement by Linden Lab that adult content will be relocated to a new continent named Ursula.

This publication includes an exploration of the steampunk artistry of Bryn Oh, a visit to the extensive Caledon library and the mysterious sim INSILICO, the auditory delights of live looping and look at the options offered by resident-created alternate SL client viewers. April’s fashion section holds a colorful and artistic spread showcasing the latest spring-time trends; hot finds and kawaii; fashion tips for men from the woman’s perspective and fresh, spring styles for men and women. ROLE Magazine blog posts can now be shared by linking directly to your Plurk or Twitter page.

Last, but not least, we announce the start of the ROLE Magazine Complete Wedding Package Contest valued at $L30,000! See our new April issue for details and enter today.

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Doubledown Note: Check out the article on performing live loop-based music in Second Life on page 52. Also a great article on Steampunk art on page 56.

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